Do you really need a website for your business?

Sure you do. Your competition already has one.

Here are some facts about having a website:

1- A website will promote you, your business and your services with photos, videos and give that potential visitor to your website a better visualization of what you do or can do for them.
2- A website address is easier to remember than a phone number.
3- Your competitors already have a website and are enjoying the benefits from it.
4- Potential customers can see the end result of your service or business offerings on your website.
5- You can change the content in real time when it suits your needs.
6- Associate your business model with keywords and your business will be much easier for future customers to find on the internet. Thats called SEO or, Search Engine Optimization which is included.
7- Websites are not expensive at all and it’s yearly costs are low despite what many think.
8- It’s easy to manage and you do not need to know HTML, JAVA or any computer language to maintain your site built by Mike's PC Service.
9- Your customers can pick what merchandise they want to buy or service they wish to use right on your site.
10- Your customers can pay you from your website!

And while many people think using social media is sufficient it really isn't because potential customers do not search social media for YOUR business services and merchandise! You should be using social media to drive traffic to your website.

Business websites by Mike's PC Service

Above are links to websites built by Mike's PC Service 

Websites for businesses built my Mike are $750 designed, built & published onto the world wide web. Built to your specifications using your provided content.

STOP paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a website. Use Mike's and get all of the extras others charge for.

Included if you want these on your site are:




Downloadable forms


SEO (built into your website)

Thousands of colors & background images (you can use your own images also)

Animated background images

Thousands of fonts

Change the layout when you want to

Change the content in REAL TIME

So much more!

Why pay more when you do not have to?

Mike's PC Service can build your business a website regardless of which state your business is in!

All websites have associated e-mail addresses* and can have any of the following TLDs:





Or whichever you choose.


Fast mobile platform load times.

Secured & maintained servers.

Up-time of your website, 99.9%

SEO keywords & phrases are written into your website to optimize being found on all search engines.

  Automatically optimized for all resolutions and mobile devices.

Very easy to maintain and change content, no programming language required for the business owner!

Analytics & stats dashboard included.

Pro marketing may be included if desired for a very small additional fee from hosting company.

Need your current website updated or re-built? 

SEO Included

Search engine optimization is included with your website. Want to be found when potential customers use the internet to look for the services you provide? SEO does just that! Using keywords, website structure, onsite optimization & phrases (to name a few aspects of SEO) your website can be found by customers. Many web designers & marketing companys charge extra for SEO and, it isn't cheap. But you don't have to pay extra at Mike's PC Service because its included!

Website owner training

After your website is completed and launched onto the internet  the business owner or a designated employee will be trained how to make content changes to your website. Again, this is included with your website. Making content changes for upcoming events, sales, specials, meetings, conferences or whatever you need to post to your website is in your hands. No more paying someone big bucks to update YOUR website!  Now you can be in charge of your web presence.