Need your website re-built or updated?

From Restaurants, The local Pizza place, An Attorney, Stores, Landscapers, Dentists or any other business who has a website and needs some work done to it, Mike's is the place to call to get your website looking great!

If your a busy business owner or manager and your tired of having to open the dashboard to your website to edit or add items, photos, descriptions or special event information I can do that for you. I have many businesses call me and ask if I can do this for them and the price is $25 hourly (1 hr minimum billed). I can edit your website or add special event information, photos, merchandise information/photos, update your current content or whatever you need done. Typically I can update your site within 45 minutes or sooner of you calling me and letting me know the details.

Shown in the background here (Titled Chef sandwich) is one of thousands of backgrounds that I can use. Whatever your business model is I can re-build it or update it to reflect what your business is about. Many of these backgrounds are animated as well.

Tired of how your website currently looks?

Is your website looking outdated?

Have some problems with that website builder?

Not to worry!

I also can re-build / revamp your entire website if desired. This is a popular request I get from business owners who have tried to use Wix, Web or Webs, 1and1 and the other build it yourself website services. The price to re-build / revamp a website is $375. Feel free to give me a call or e-mail and I'll help you get that website of yours updated and looking great!! These services will be billed out with an invoice just FYI.