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All services are by appointment only. Call 937-504-4226.

Active duty / Reserve and First Responders with valid I.D. recieve $10.00 off any service. 

Operating System install

Sometimes installing a new operating system is what needs to be done to give your computer a new life. Or when you are upgrading your O.S. to a newer version. Over time your computer slows down due to a variety of reasons. If your computer is slow no matter how many programs you un-install this is for you. Either way Mike can perform a clean install for you. $120.00 Documents, photos and video transfer to new O.S. is now INCLUDED!

Data Transfer

Got a new desktop or laptop and need your data switched over to the new machine? Not a problem, Mike can get this done for you so you'll have all of your documents, photos, videos on that new computer. Have your documents and photos placed   into the correct folders including videos you have saved. We can even place shortcuts on your desktop which will display on your monitor for easier access. Bring the old PC and the new one (or the hard drive from the old one) when you come.  $60.00 per HD. 

Data Recovery

Got a old computer or hard drive you want those photos off of? Or some documents you need but don't know how to get them? Bring that old computer (or just the hard drive) to Mike and he'll recover whatever you need off of it. Mike will place all of your content onto a CD or flash-drive that you provide. All you need to bring is the hard drive from the old computer or the the PC itself. Many files you think you have lost can be recovered. $90.00 per HD.

Hard Drive Wipe

Thinking of throwing that old computer away? Or giving it to someone else? Make sure your data is not on it when you do! Mike can wipe the hard drive to ensure what you need to be private stays that way! Folks who throw their old PCs in the trash or at a dump site risk having their identity and/or passwords stolen! Your hard drive will  be wiped to NIST SP 800-88 standards which supersedes former DoD 5220.22- M method.  $45.00 per HD.

“Wonderful to have Mike and his PC Service in this rural area. What an asset! ”

Sarah Wildman Courtright, Green Plains Cabin.

Optimized Desktop or Laptop

Sometimes your computer will hang up, crash, software acts funny & slow down to the point where doing anything with it is painful. Bring your desktop or laptop and allow Mike to optimize it. Sometimes this is all computer owners need to get their computers back to running like they want it to. This is a deep cleaning of your system that involves much more than simply cleaning the cache & defragging. This will breathe new life into your computer. Most customers are amazed by how faster their computers are after optimization. This includes security optimization also to help you be safe as you can be on the internet! $45.00

Business Website

Do you run a small business or perform a service and wish you had a website? Many Attorneys, Landscapers, Churches, Water Softener companys and others use Mike's PC Service to build them a website. A website from us will be professional looking and you control the content yourself and it can be updated in real time! You can have multiple pages, photos, videos and content you specify. You can even have your e-mail address at yourdomain.com. What are you waiting for? Click here for more info. If you use social media as a make-shift website your not getting the benefit you may think compared to owning your own website. Only $750.00 for a professional website!

Computer Recycling

Got a old computer (desktop or laptop) or just a hard drive you want to throw away but don't want the information getting into the wrong hands? Bring it by Mike's PC Service and we will recycle your old computer and wipe the hard drive if equipped, absolutely free. Never throw an old computer in the trash or in a landfill because you do not know where it may end up. I.D. theft is a major crime and most of the time the information comes from old computers! Help keep harmful components out of our landfills! You can drop off your old computer during normal business hours and we will ensure it gets properly recycled.  $FREE. Drop off during normal business hours.

Technology Consulting

The most challenging change in any business is the I.T. aspect. From upgrading legacy systems to modernizing the current system as a whole or, starting from scratch the challenge can become overwhelming for some. MPCS has the experience to assist your business I.T. environment to be transformed into a smooth running part of your business where things just work as they should. From small businesses to medium sized operations we can get your I.T. system on the right track! From the planning stage right down to the installation we can guide you thru the entire process with experienced advice. $68.00 hourly. Waived with paid service(s).

"I needed a new hard drive (solid state type) in my computer. After getting price quotes from three other computer repair places and Best Buy's geek squad, I went to Mike's PC. He helped find a new one online and installed it with all of my documents, photos and videos for $250. Those other places wanted over $400 to do the same thing. I will always use Mike's PC Service and highly recommend him." Nancy Wellons

"Just want to say thanks for getting my laptop cleaned up and running like I need it to....I will tell my friends and co-workers about your services and great prices." Jay Snyder

Infection Removal

If you have multiple browsers opening, a slow running computer, virus software displays as "disabled", programs run slower than usual, adware which pops up, homepage changes mysteriously, crashes, you are redirected to other sites  then you have an infection. This also applies to Apple/Macs which can get infections also. Grab your computer and visit Mike's then get all of those nasties out of your computer. Click here for more info on infections $65.00 per computer.

Computer Repair

Laptop Repair

Most repairs consist of repairing ports on the computer, screen replacement on laptops, hinge repairs on laptops, laptop touch pad, keyboard keys etc.

For most computer repairs the base price is $65.00 This price does not include the cost of parts.

MPCS repairs PCs and Apple/Mac computers using OEM parts in most cases.

Includes 60 day warranty on installation of part(s).