Cloud Data Backup

For the Home User. 
$200.00 Home User Cloud Backup Service. 
A one time fee for a lifetime peace of mind.

Choosing a cloud backup service for your personal information such as documents, insurance information, finance documents, unreplaceable photos & video and all of your other important information. Cloud backup for personal use needs to be affordable, something that gives you a set and forget option so you don’t have to keep remembering what to backup and when. Mike's PC Service Cloud Home User backup works for all devices such as,

Mobile phones
Personal or Work laptops
Personal computers

Disasters can happen any day, at any time and you need to be ready for them. Keeping backups in external hard disks just doesn’t do it anymore, since our data needs are increasing every day and hard drives both, mechanical & newer solid state types are subject to failure themselves. While flash drives can be lost, stolen and corrupted when you place your data into your own personal cloud there is no reason to worry about losing what you value most.

Losing all personal data is probably one of the worst things that can happen to anybody.

Your personal computer doesn’t just store pictures, movies and music. The majority of personal computers including most other types of devices used today have important life documents on them like banking information & documents, life insurance policies, credit & credit card information, irreplaceable photographs to name but a few. For many people if these documents are lost due to some of the more modern computer viruses & other infections they are gone forever. This includes when a computer crashes due to a variety of reasons not related to infections also!

If you back these up in a cloud they can be retrieved, viewed or managed whenever you want to. This is a one time fee for a lifetime peace of mind that follows you even if you change computers. I can also scan documents & photographs into your cloud that are not on your computer for an additional one time fee of $60.00 if you would like that. This will ensure all of your documents & photos are stored securely.
Don't wait until tomorrow call us today and lets start securing your vital data!

Mike's PC Service Cloud Backup Service