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Proudly supporting computer owners from Springfield, South Charleston, South Vienna, Hilliard, West Jefferson, Catawba, London, Plain City, Dayton, Huber Heights, Yellow Springs and the surrounding area.  

Strong customer support after any service * Professional grade services * Lowest prices in the Miami Valley

MAC and PC repair and upgrade services

MAC OS troubleshooting * Windows & Microsoft troubleshooting * MAC device troubleshooting 

Does your business or service need a professional website?

Of course you do. Your competition already has one.

 Don't be fooled to believe you need to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a professionally crafted website. Click the button below and see how affordable a professional business website really is.  

Business websites by Mike's PC Service

PC or MAC infection removal

Is your computer painfully slow? Can't open or install anti virus software? Got crashes & error messages? Pop ups nagging you? Slow start up?

You probably have an infection of some type. Mike's PC Service specializes in infection removal for Apple/Macs and PCs.

Infection(s) Removal: $65.00 per computer

Computer infection removal service

Actual Ransomware Virus takeover screen.

Mike's accepts old desktops and laptops for recycling. Just drop it off and let us know if you would like the hard drive wiped FREE of charge! 

Businesses, if you have upgraded and need those old workstations recycled let us take care of it for you. 

This is a FREE service to help keep harmful components out of our landfills.

"What a friendly and knowledgeable service! If you are in need of computer, tablet upgrades or repair, have questions, or need any virus protection, Mike's PC Service is the place to go. Definitely professional quality!"  Angie Cress Williams

Having trouble using your Windows 10 based computer?

Bring it by and I'll optimize it for you which will provide you with a MUCH more enjoyable experience. There is a small learning curve with Windows 10 especially if your accustomed to using Windows 7. I can help you get around this curve and setup your computer to make finding things much easier.

This would be an Optimization Service $45.00